+Venustas is a husband-wife team with a design background in the field of architecture. We hand-build quality leather products thoughtfully designed with a focus on function, strength, and delight. We use only the best American tanned leathers. Our metal hardware is machined in the US from solid brass, copper, or steel. We use strong durable thread manufactured in the US or Denmark.

Our name, +Venustas, comes from the ancient Roman architect, Vitruvius, who believed that architecture (and design) is "Utilitas, Firmitas, and Venustas" working together in unison. This Latin phrase is translated as "Function, Structure, and Beauty (or Delight)". We aim to design our products with these three virtues in mind.

Our design process, influenced from our background in architecture, is iterative and often starts with a sketch and a quick prototype. From there the design is translated into a 2D or 3D computer drawing that is then outputted in to a paper prototype with a digital paper cutter. We repeat this step multiple times, allowing us to create many iterations in both digital and physical forms. Once our design seems to be flushed out, we test our end product in daily use. Because we hand-cut our products and design our own patterns digitally, we are able to quickly adapt the designs of our products to the changing needs of our customers.